• Enflux, a smart body-tracking workout outfit, launches on Kickstarter

     There’s a new body-tracking workout outfit that looks to compete with the likes of Athos and other workout-tracking sensors that’s launching on Kickstarter today. Enflux, a Y Combinator-backed company, is starting a Kickstarter today for its sensor-laden workout outfit (that can even go in a washing machine). And it’s basically all thanks to a series […]

  • New Now TV smart box arriving this year, along with a new interface

    A brand new Now TV Smart Box will launch later this year, with Sky confirming that current box owners can look forward to a major new user interface overhaul as well. The box, developed with Roku, has yet to be given a price or release date but further details will be released in the coming […]

  • Bitfinder’s $199 Smart Air Monitor Knows That Looks Matter

     It’s not often that I think long and hard about the air in my apartment. It’s air. But then again, I wouldn’t drink murky water, so why is it that I don’t remember to care about what goes in my lungs? The Awair, a smart air monitor from BitFinder, is looking to bring the flair […]

  • Why 2016 is going to have the best smart home gadgets

    What’s next in connected gadgets? The connected home is the next real frontier in tech. Now that we have computers in our pockets and on our wrists it’s only logical that the rest of the things we use become smart and web-connected. Already it’s possible to get smarter lights, speakers and even kitchen scales, all […]

  • In Depth: Video: Is 2016 the year of the smart home?

    We’ve been talking about smart homes for years, but has the technology finally caught up to the dream of a techno-home? Our experts comb through the big reveals of CES 2016 – the biggest tech show of the year – to pluck out the tech that we might see crossing the threshold this year, and […]

  • Sony’s super smart lightbulb can control nearly everything in your home

    Sony has launched it’s latest smart appliance, and it’s a smart light bulb that can do a lot more than you’d imagine a light source to do. As with most other smart light bulbs, the Multifunctional Light, which was developed using Toshiba’s LED lighting tech, can connect with your smartphone, allowing you to control timers […]

  • SmartThings And Samsung Team Up To Make Your TV A Smart Home Hub

     Samsung and SmartThings are buddying up to introduce Samsung’s latest line of Smart TVs, complete with SmartThings platform integration so folks can use their TVs as an interface to control the home. There is no shortage of internet-connected devices out there, from standard security systems and smart lighting systems all the way to the connected […]

  • India’s Shuttl Raises $20M To Accelerate Its Smart Shuttle Bus Service

     India’s transportation app future isn’t just about Uber and billion-dollar homegrown rival Ola. That’s because Shuttl, an eight-month-old startup that provides air-conditioned minibuses, just raised $ 20 million from Lightspeed, Sequoia and Times Internet to develop its technology and expand its service. Read More TechCrunch » Fundings & Exits

  • Smart Driving App Dash Expands Into The Trucking And Analytics Business

     Dash, a driving app we’ve previously described as a “Fitbit for cars”, has announced it is expanding beyond consumer-facing products with Dash XL and Dash IQ, two new products designed for enterprise customers. As a refresher, the company is a combination of a hardware dongle and software app that provides drivers with real-time analytics on […]