• 5 housing communities changing the way we live
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     Living communities and the people who build them are unique, but they share many common threads: a mix of private and community spaces, a set of shared rules and a commitment to friendliness and warmth rather than the anonymity and awkwardness of a typical residential high-rise. Changing the way people live together is an incredibly […]

  • Autonomous Robots Are Changing The Way We Build And Move Products Around The World
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     Many eyes may be gazing toward the sky in anxious anticipation of new drone delivery systems, but an increasing number of intelligent robot systems is already on the ground, in warehouses and manufacturing facilities, helping to manufacture and move products across the globe. These automated systems, which employ the world’s most innovative advancements in software, […]

  • Tech And The Changing Face Of Insurance
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     It’s only 2016, but the real world is quickly moving into the realm of science fiction. Drones, driverless cars and not-really-hoverboards are (or soon will be) commonplace. We’ve also seen technology change industries not normally associated with the term “cutting edge.” But with these new toys and technologies come questions. Here’s the one question everyone… […]