Candy Crush Creator Working on a Mobile Shooter Game

Candy Crush Creator Working on a Mobile Shooter Game

Candy Crush Creator Working on a Mobile Shooter Game

According to a job listing on Candy Crush maker King’s website, the company is working on a mobile shooter game.

“Do you have a passion for developing awesome software? We’ve founded a new studio in Stockholm that is 100% focused on exploring, prototyping and delivering world leading Mid-Core games, being our first project a shooter for mobile,” the listing reads.

The listing goes on to outline the job’s description and requirements, notably knowledge of C++ programming and expertise in 3D graphics as well as having a track record of shipped product.

This won’t be the first time a games studio has tried to garner success on mobile devices with a shooter game. It’s one of the more complicated types of games to make, more so on a platform that hasn’t seen much success what with Dead Trigger and Modern Combat being two franchises that come to mind. More so with King targeting the midcore segment – whose gamers are typified by their eagnerness to try different kinds of games minus the time spent or need for completion that characterises hardcore gamers. It’s a competitive space where it would jostle with the likes of Vainglory among others.

In the past we’ve seen the likes of Dena take on the space with offerings such as The Drowning – which weren’t as successful as the company would have liked.

Would you play a shooter made by the company that gave us Candy Crush? Or would you prefer such games being restricted to the console or PC? Let us know in the comments.

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